We believe the gospel impacts and transforms all aspects of our lives, our family, our neighborhoods, the arts, our faith communities, the marketplace and our world. As a faith community following Christ we are called to respond by engaging others with compassion, love and hope.

ChurchONE supports local, regional and international efforts including World Relief | Samaritan’s Purse | Operation Christmas Child | Helping Up Mission | Araminta Freedom Initiative | Uncuffed | ACTC



Mike Batley
Ed DeYoung
Krister Dunn
Paul Foreman
Renee Frustaci
Shawn Smith
Lori Song
Jeremy Talman

Pastors | Staff

Ed DeYoung | Point Pastor

Mike Donohue | Point Teaching Pastor
Kyle Danaher | Admin & Programming
Anne Nielsen | Kids Director
Worship | Kevin Adams, Erin Dance


The varied, rich and insightful perspectives of our community of teachers challenges, informs and inspires us as we explore the meaning and mystery of the Bible. The teaching community of ChurchONE provides the balance of our teaching throughout the year along with invited guest teachers, pastors, leaders and friends.

George Antonakos
Sarah Batley
Laurie DeYoung
Mike Donohue | Point Teaching Pastor
Renee Frustaci